Heart Bus

Anyone who lives in the bush knows it’s nearly impossible to get the same level of medical care as you can in the city. In fact, if you suffer from heart disease and live regionally, you’re 44% more likely to die than your urban counterparts.

Australian Story catches up with the latest on Dr Rolf Gomes, the engineer-turned-cardiologist who came up with an ambitious idea to ‘revolutionise’ rural medicine.

Last year, Australian Story first followed Dr Gomes’ mobile cardiology clinic as it travelled across Queensland, meeting and treating many of the local characters whose problems might otherwise have gone undiagnosed.

Back then, his ‘Heart Bus’ hit a roadblock when the state government rejected his offer to partner to expand the service.

Rather than retreat, Dr Gomes fought back and has now ‘risen from the ashes’, thanks to a seven-figure donation from a like-minded philanthropist.

Now the ‘Heart Bus’ is set to service even more people, treat more diseases and and travel to more places.